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Pop-up Cubes



  • The dimensions of the outer box are 14.5cm×7.5cm×3.5cm.
  • The outer side of the box is beautifully decorated with beads, printed sheets, ribbons etc. which the chosen according to the theme of the gift.
  • The total number of the cubes is six which are 7cm×7cm in size.
  • You can send us your messages and photos via email on this address.
  • The theme of the gift and the size of the gift is customizable.


Pop-up cubes are one amongst the stars of our gift line. This cube redesigned in such a way that completely differentiates it from the remainder. They take me back to the fact of their likeness with our memories just like they pop in our mind out of the blue.

We have kept the cubes in a box that is in a rectangular cuboid form. It’s quite acquainted with a big matchbox.

When you drag the inner box out, the cubes begin popping out of the box which view is superb.

The total number of pop-up cubes in the box is 6. Each cube is of 7cm×7cm in size. Therefore there are 24 spaces for your photos and your messages. The dimensions of the pictures are 6cm×6cm each.
You can close the pop-up cubes back by pressing the cubes over the other. They will come back in a rectangular shape. To put it back, hold them together and place them in the inner box and then put it back in the outer box.This gift is useful for various occasions such as a birthday gift, a congratulatory gift, a teacher’s day gift, a Mother’s day gift etc.

Note: The theme and the size of the gift are customizable according to your requirements.


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