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Love Letters




A saying states that ‘old is gold’ which fits our love letters perfectly as it’s old; however, the simplest way to express your love.
It’s a pack of 6 letters, kept together with the help of a holder. The outer dimensions of this gift pack are 14.5cm×13cm×1.5cm. Each envelope is beautifully embellished with coloured and printed sheets together with mini hearts on the back.
Each envelope constitutes a photo along with your letter which will be customized according to you.

Opening and closing this is very convenient as you will merely remove the holder on the top and it’s done. To tie them back together, only hold them together and place the holder back at its place.

This gift is ideal for several occasions as like a birthday gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend, anniversary gift for your husband/wife, proposal gift for your partner etc. and many more.

If you get any query regarding this letter pack, you can see our gallery or may directly contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp icon shown on the website.


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