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Criss-Cross Album



  • The inner and outer side of the album is well decorated with coloured stones and printed sheets which are selected according to the theme of the gift.
  • When the album is closed its dimensions are 20cm×25cm×1cm. And when it is wide open its dimensions are 135cm×25cm
  • Due to the way of designing of the album, the size of the pictures on each layer varies however, its same on each half.
  • Starting from the first layer to every successive layer the size of the pictures are as follows-
    First of 7.5cm×11.5cm, second of 7.5cm×12.5cm, third of 7.5cm×15.5cm, fourth of 7.5cm×16.5cm, fifth of 7.5cm×19.5cm and last picture on the end of the album is of 17cm×22cm in size.The theme and the size of the gift are customizable.


This criss-cross album is one of our gift albums. It is one of its kind. It’s a beautiful album, characterised by overlapping layers on each side. You can share your loving memories with the other person in the form of messages and pictures. It’s designing, and pattern differentiates it from the rests.
Its outer side is beautifully decorated with coloured stones and printed sheets. When the criss-cross album is close, its dimensions are 20cm×25cm×1cm.
This album can open in two ways. Firstly, hold the first flap on each side and drag them outwards, then the album will be wide open, and its dimensions will be 135cm×25cm.

Secondly, you can open it layer by layer, by turning the sheets towards the inner side. And to close the album back, fold it along its scored lines and the album will take back its original look.
There are a total of 13 spaces available in the album which you can use for your messages or pictures. Due to the way of album design, the size of the photos on every layer varies.
This album can be gifted on various occasions such as a birthday gift to your friend or children, an anniversary gift to your spouse, as a wedding gift to a person etc.
The size and the theme of the album are customizable according to your requirements, and the prices may vary accordingly.


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