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Valentine Gifts

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A2 Size Pencil Portraits


Size: A2

Medium: Pencil

Note: Photo Frame will be included.

Box of Smiles


This box comprises several constituents such as

5 letter according to different moods.


Audio of friends & relative

Infinity Box

Maze Card

Square Card

Letter envelops


Criss-Cross Album



  • The inner and outer side of the album is well decorated with coloured stones and printed sheets which are selected according to the theme of the gift.
  • When the album is closed its dimensions are 20cm×25cm×1cm. And when it is wide open its dimensions are 135cm×25cm
  • Due to the way of designing of the album, the size of the pictures on each layer varies however, its same on each half.
  • Starting from the first layer to every successive layer the size of the pictures are as follows-
    First of 7.5cm×11.5cm, second of 7.5cm×12.5cm, third of 7.5cm×15.5cm, fourth of 7.5cm×16.5cm, fifth of 7.5cm×19.5cm and last picture on the end of the album is of 17cm×22cm in size.The theme and the size of the gift are customizable.

Flap Album | Handmade Gift



  • 15-20 Photos are to be required
  • The theme can be changed as per requirement.

Note: Price may vary with customisation.


Folding Heart Card



  • Size & messages can be customised.
  • 36 Photos are required.

Note: Prize and Number of photos can be varied with Size

We will contact you for Photos after order confirmation.

Hexagonal Box


44 Pictures are Required.

Product themes can be change as per client requirements

Gift can also customise as per user requirements.

Note: Price may be vary with Customisation

Infinity Box



Size and messages can be customize.

Theme can be change as per user requirements.

Infinity Cube


Infinity Cube:

48 Pictures are required.

Water Resistance Handmade Gift.

Paper Cake Boxes


6 small gifts can be added into 6 pieces of cake.

Gift design can be change as per user requirements.

Pocket Box

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26 photos are required.

Required messages for your loves ones.

Theme can change as per requirement



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