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How I Gifted Best Father’s Day Gift to Dad

College Days are Awesome.

Doing everything at last minute has been my second nature. Be it college assignments to now packaging my luggage, I’m always a tardy. At long last I’m returning to my hometown after blockage of lock-down because I graduated on a random Wednesday evening in my grubby cave of hostel. Haphazardly folding a faded t-shirt I throw it in suitcase picking up the call from Zoya.

“Aniket is a savior, he sent me a link. It’s a website which sells handmade gifts. You must check out the flap album I ordered for Abbu for father’s day”

Zoya’s words were fainting and all that echoed were ‘gift’ and ‘father’s day’. I am a flake!

“Oh I messed up as always. I forgot to buy the handmade father’s day gift for Baba. How will I arrange a gift at last minute?” I hear her laughing and then she became my savior. “Jasdeep no worries. I’ll forward you the link and you order from the same site. It’s magic. Don’t be late”

It’s an hour and I’m scrolling through the website Zoya sent. I’m blown. It’s perfect and amazing, everything is handmade with love and emotions. I don’t have a hard time choosing the best gift for my Baba because sooner I had received his text.

A selfie with television playing movie Toy story. “To infinity and beyond” says the text. He’s the Woody to my Buzz.

My train leaves in two hours and here I just finished packaging. Therefore as cab arrived I brusquely run to reach the railway station. I was late but saved by a minute. Every chuff takes me close to him, who made me capable of everything.

I just wanted to go and plant myself in the courtyard where he does baghvani and I help him. I breath in air of my childhood reaching my hometown. The way from station to home was not long but I was impatient and then I reached the mud way with mango trees.

I saw him.

An old man with a parcel in his hands from “Happy father’s day Baba!”. You never made me feel that I don’t have Beeji and Papa.” I say and hug him as we watch the Infinity Box with our old new pictures. “To infinity and beyond” he says.

I was smiling with the precious smile of my grandfather delivered by and I thanked them for helping this late fellow.

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